Wandwood Guide

Choosing a wandwood can be a daunting task, but not to worry! Use the guide below to learn about each wood's appearance, physical properties, and fictional lore in Harry Potter's Wizarding World universe and beyond. Woods without canon lore in the Wizarding World have their "magical" properties derived and extrapolated from their traditional associations and historical usage.

New woods will be added here as they become available. If you are interested in a wood not listed here, please contact me and I'll see what I can find.


 Relative Weight


 Lore and "Magical" Properties

Heavy  NEW! Limited quantity *Tricky, often refuses to produce magic for anyone other than the owner, saves best effects for only the most gifted. Sensitive, subtle magic, with a peculiar temperament.
Medium-light  A pink-ish wood that resembles cherry (good substitute if you're on a budget. Fine grain. Great for detailed designs.   *Unyielding. Ideal owner is not stubborn or obstinate, but helpful, considerable and likeable. Of all wood, is best suited for non-verbal spells. Famous owner: Prof. Quirrel
 Medium  Fine-grained wood with a beautiful pink hue. Great for detailed designs. Feels like a luxurious version of cherry. * Powerful, for owners with high ideals. Mixes poorly with dark magic. Owners are said to be well-loved and long-lived, with great personal charm and often gifted in languages. 
 Medium  Resembles oak. Open grain with visible growth rings, not great for fine detail. Simple designs recommended to accent the grain. *Very loyal, will lose power if passed on from its original owner (especially with Unicorn core). Ideal owner is courageous with a stubborn sense of purpose. Famous owner: Cedric Diggory
 Light Aspen is a creamy white wood with fine grain and semi-open pores. Lightweight yet sturdy, this wood is great for carving intricate details. *Suited to charms and martial magic. Its ideal owners tend to be accomplished duelists, strong-minded, determined, and attracted to quests and new experiences.
Medium   Cream-colored, fine grain with dark specks. Suitable for detail, but I prefer simple designs to accent the specks. *Ideal owner is open-minded and tolerant, wise beyond one's years if young, or rich in understanding and experience if mature. Capable of a rare subtlety and artistry.
 Medium  Fine-grained wood with creamy white color. Stains sometimes come out blotchy, but this gives the wand a uniquely unpredictable character. Famous owner: Dolores Umbridge 
 Heavy  Open grain and golden hue. Glows under blacklight when freshly cut.   
 Medium-light Warm, reddish color with visible growth rings (characteristic of softwoods). Quite sturdy for a softwood.  *Ideal owner is loyal with strength of character, perception, and perspicacity. Don't cross the cedar carrier when they're angry.  Famous owner: Horace Slughorn 
Medium   Cherry's warm pink-ish hue, fine grain, and good weight make it a top-tier choice for many designs. Great surface for woodburning. *Highly prized in Japan. Often makes a wand with lethal power and should be used only by those with exceptional self-control and strength of mind, especially with a Dragon core. Famous owner: Neville Longbottom
 Light  Yellow-ish tan, with visible growth rings (characteristic of softwood). Classified as softwood, but is sturdy. *Associated with nobility and self-sacrifice. Ideal owner is brave, bold, and isn't afraid to confront the shadows in people's nature. Famous owner: Remus Lupin
 Heavy  Black-and-white ebony has a two-tone color and a lighter weight that distinguish it from its all-black cousin. Reasonably heavy wood. *Ebony is suited to combat magic and transfiguration. Ideal owner isn't afraid to be themselves, is highly individual, and steadfast in their purpose.
 Light Natural branch, a creamy white wood. Has a soft, pithy center, so recommended for wand handles only.*Rare, powerful, demands an owner who is the superior of his company. Owners are highly unusual, marked for special destiny, and feel affinity for those chosen by Rowan. Famous owner: Albus Dumbledore
 Heavy  Open grain similar to oak and ash. Staining is highly recommended to accent the unique and beautiful grain. *Ideal owner has presence, magical dexterity, and native dignity. A very sophisticated wand, with elegant spells and few accidents or foolish errors. Famous owner: Lucius Malfoy 
 Available, info coming soon! *Complex and intriguing. Owners often have conflicted natures or are passing through a period of turmoil. Adept at both healing and curses. Famous owner: Draco Malfoy
 Available, info coming soon!*Loyal and sensitive, reflects owner's emotional state. Absorbs and discharges negative energy unpredictably. Outstanding in skillful hands. Unique ability to dowse for underground water. Famous owner: Sybil Trelawney
 Very Heavy  Hickory is one of the heaviest domestic woods in the USA. Has both cream and brown tones. Can substitute for ebony when stained black.  
 Heavy  Holly is knows for its pure white color. Hard and heavy. Staining not recommended. *Traditionally associated with protection and warding off evil. Often finds an owner engaged in dangerous quests who may need help overcoming impetuosity. Famous owner: Harry Potter 
 Heavy  Creamy tan color and fine grain. Finishes very well. *Ideal owner has a single, pure passion in life. Wand adapts to owner's style and sense of honor very quickly. Famous owner: Mr. Ollivander 
 Available, info coming soon! *Creates wands with hidden talents and unexpected effects. Has a reputation for instilling owner with courage and confidence. Famous owner: Celestina Warbeck
 Medium-light Open grain isn't great for high-detail carving, but has a beautiful red-brown natural color that darkens over time. Stain not needed.  Good for Transfiguration. Famous owner: James Potter
 Medium Maple is a creamy white wood with fine grain. Good for detail. Can act as a substitute for holly if on a budget. Stains sometimes come out blotchy. *Ideal owner is often a traveler or explorer, and a high achiever. Loses power when owner lacks ambition, but gains ability with fresh challenges and regular changes of scene.
 Heavy  Oak that has been buried in peat bogs for thousands of years, and has turned black as a result. Great substitute for ebony.  
 Heavy  Weighty wood with open grain and visible growth rings. Difficult to stain uniformly as the stain will highlight the rings. *Great dueling wand. Ideal owners have fast reactions, is quick-witted, and adaptable.  
 Heavy  Fine-grained wood with a natural pink color. Great for detail. Similar feel to Apple and Cherry. *Ideal owner is warm-hearted, generous, wise, popular, well-respected. Pear wands are resilient, and produce splendid magic. 
 Light  Creamy white softwood with orange-ish growth rings. May be dented and scratch for an antique look that ages over time. *Ideal owner is independent, individual, mysterious, and perhaps may be seen as a loner. Pine wands are very sensitive to non-verbal magic and enjoy creativity.
 Medium-light  Poplar is fine-grained, and has a creamy color with greenish streaks. Great for highly detailed designs.  *Consistent strength and uniform power. Ideal owner has integrity and clear moral vision. 
 Very Heavy  Deep red color and fine grain. Woodburning creates a great contrast. Stain not recommended.  
 Light  Fine-grained softwood with a reddish-brown color. May be dented and scratched for an antique look that ages over time. *Ideal owner has a knack for falling on their feet, making the right choice, and snatching advantage from catastrophe, giving the wand a reputation for good luck. 
 Very Heavy  Rosewood's alternating chocolate shades make an otherwise simple design look stunning. Stain not recommended. Famous owner: Fleur Delacour 
  Available, info coming soon!*Particularly powerful for defensive charms, will not bond with Dark wizards. Ideal owners are clear-headed and pure-hearted. 
 Light  Cream-colored softwood. The growth rings are very close together. Not recommended for designs with lots of woodburning. *Does not choose owners with nervous natures or fumbling fingers. Flamboyant and dramatic. Ideal owner has a firm hand, is bold with a good sense of humor.
 Medium Creamy white wood with beautiful scale-like grain patterns on the quartersawn face. Simple designs and light-colored stain will accentuate the pattern. *Does not like to be bored. Ideal owner is eager for new experiences, curious, and adventurous.
 Available, info coming soon! *Ideal owners often seek a greater purpose and have personalities with hidden depths. Vine wands are very sensitive and can detect a prospective match almost immediately. Famous owner: Hermione Granger 
 Medium-light  Open grained wood with a dark brown color. Not recommended for designs with small detailed carving. Looks great with gold or silver leaf accents, or woodburning. *Ideal owner is often highly intelligent. Will perform watever magic its owner desires once mastered. Famous owner: Bellatrix Lestrange 
 Light Willow is fine-grained and has streaks of white and golden brown. As a natural branch, it doesn't take stain well.  *Notable for healing power and sensitivity to non-verbal magic. Ideal owner has great potential, and often has some unwarranted insecurity. Famous owner: Ron Weasley 
 Medium-light  A strong, sturdy softwood with an orange-ish hue. *Traditionally associated with  life and death. Ideal owners may be a fierce protector of others, and is neither mediocre nor timid. Famous owner: Ginny Weasley

* Paraphrased from Pottermore's article on Wand Woods, by J.K. Rowling.