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From Gregoire B. (France)

posted Oct 19, 2012, 1:51 AM by Maranda Li   [ updated Jan 20, 2013, 2:30 PM by Praeclarus Wands ]
[edited for punctuation and grammar] “Customer Service : I’m very delighted [by] the quality of the service. Praeclarus work[ed] with me with great attention, [and] she kept [me updated] of everything she has done for my wand. No negative point above.

Speed of delivery : The delivery was very fast. [Because] I live in France, I would have thought it would have taken a long time, but no, the delivery lasted a week, it’s very quick when we know that [when I ordered from] another [professional website], the delivery [had taken] about two to three weeks [to reach] my home.

Quality of the wand : The wand is [what I wanted], the details are so beautiful and very and very similar to the model that I had given … the colors, the details and the length are very amazing (My wand is here). I [had previously bought] the wand of Hermione in resin, [and] I’m pleasantly surprised [by] lightness [of the wand Praeclarus made me]; this is very handy… I enjoy my wand – she’s perfect!!!

The only negative point is the wand does not [cast spells] T_T !! But it’s probably my fault; I’m probably a Muggle T_T !!

Overall Opinion : I’m very happy of all, and even more when I’ve received my wand and when I discovered what I had in the box, with lot of surprises!! I’m so happy to have my wand, the wand [that] I have desired.

Pricing : This is very very cheap for [everything and the box], and it’s very significiant, but that is why I hope that future customers will not ask praeclarus [to] cut the price because it is already more than reasonable for what [I received], time [taken], and the quality of its products.

For future clients: My parents had a lot of distrust for the payment and delivery as we live in France, and praeclarus does not really [have a] professional web-site, but their doubts [were] soon dimmed with all the positive reviews I’ve seen, and it is why I posted one too, I advise Praeclarus wands to everyone.”