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From Dafne A. (TX, USA)

posted Oct 19, 2012, 1:45 AM by Maranda Li   [ updated Jan 20, 2013, 2:35 PM by Praeclarus Wands ]
[edited for punctuation]“The box of the wand was more than expected, I thought it might’ve been a bit bending from what I have experienced from materials like these, but it turned out very well sturdy and of great coloration. The wand is the right length and color and yes very very light (lighter than expected to be honest). I noticed how many little “scratch” looking texture was on the wand (I’m sure it’s from the wand itself) and I thought it added to realism (I’ve seen some that sand the wood so much to the point its smooth like a desk or plastic items). I was satisfied with the “D” on the side of the handle, though I was expecting it to be at the end of it but I’m pleased at the outcome nonetheless.

The bed, ooooooh the bed of the wand is amazing! I love the color and feel to it and how perfect and nicely my wand lays on it with the ribbon on top! Also, I liked the description on the inside of the top box for my wand (found it to be quite awesome though the flexibility was not added [unbending]). One thing I did notice though was that the logo of the praeclarus wands was pixely.

I also liked the stamps on the note and side of the box, I found it quite amusing and cool, though I would suggest a shade or too of darker ink since it’s a bit difficult to understand what it says (maybe a gold, bronze or darker silver perhaps will work?)
Delivery was fast, service was also fast and very professional if you ask me, (lol) and quality and prices are of course very much so great, thank you ^^”